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Let's talk about sex. Yes, you read that correctly, SEX. 

Sex is one of those things that's everywhere, you see it in television shows, online and what not. Yet, I feel like once someone starts to talk about it, it's one of those "SHHH" topics where people freak out when that one three letter word is mentioned. But why? It's something we all do, it's something most people enjoy, so why is it a bad thing to talk about?

Growing up when the topic of sex was spoken of it was usually in a negative tone because it wasn't something you were supposed to do before marriage, therefore, it was never talked about or discussed. Personally, the lack of education on the subject and the negativity that was always associated with it truly affected the way I thought about sex for the longest time. I didn't know enough about it and was kind of afraid of it, so when I got married, it took taking the time to educate myself and patience on my husbands part for me to become comfortable with it. Now, at age 22 & 4 years into my happy marriage, I can say I believe it's one of the most beautiful human experiences we can have and it's also a lot of f*cking fun!

I decided to share my little story, because as my journey continues I want to support the normalization & education of the topic. Which brings me to the lovely discovery of this women-run company, Maude, that not only sells quality sex products that are simplistic & minimal in their design but they have amazing morals too! Their mission is to better sex experiences for all people, and I love that about them. They were kind enough to send me one of their kits, which I can say has made for some better mornings (and evenings) if you know what I mean. 

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